why wont god heal amputees???

Dear student,

We humans come into this world perfect in the eyes of God. Certain circumstances become responsible for someone becoming an amputee. Even with the best of human efforts it is difficult to cure an amputee. God does what is best for someone who is suffering, it might not seem right to the person, but it is surely right according to the Almighty. Curing an amputee is not like magic, one has to realise that an amputee is going through the condition as it has already been scripted by God. This does not make God bad, we humans have to all go through numerous sufferings in life, with good things come bad things too. 

An amputee cannot be fully cured, but the individual's life can be made simpler with the latest technology of attaching prosthetic limbs. Now, here too God has played a role by contributing in improving an amputee's life.


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