​.With the growth in cell phones and other hand held devices, the habit of newspaper reading as a daily routine has become rare.Write an aricle in 100-120 words rare.

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Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer. Kindly work on this outline as this is a creative writing task that tests your skills.
  • It is unfortunate to see how the youth and children have not cultivated the habit of reading newspapers.
  • There existed a time when people waited for the newspapers to arrive each morning.
  • It gave them complete information about the happenings around the globe.
  • There were not only informed about the local news, but also International news, in different news categories.
  • As a result, the general knowledge of the people were high.
  • Today, the youth have a very low percentage of General Knowledge.
  • They spent endless hours in front of their smart phones and computers.
  • They do not show interest in learning about what goes around them.
  • This will result in an unintellectual and ignorant world.
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