With the help of a proper , clear and understandable diagram, explain the image formation in human eye. Trace the Path of the light entering inside the eye for which the image is formed. In this also explain that how the light enters the eye due to which this image formation inside the retina forms. 

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Dear Student,

For an object to be seen by the eye light from the object should enter our eyes.The important parts of eye that helps in vision are Cornea, Iris, Lens and Retina.

Cornea - Outer most part transparent part of the eye through which light from the object enters into the eye.

Iris - Controls size of the amount of the light entering into the eye by expanding and dilating the pupil.

Lens- Focuses the incident light onto the back of the eye on a layer called retina.

Retina - Contains nerve cells such as rods which are sensitive to dim light and cones which are sensitive to bright light and sense colour.

The light falling on retina are transmitted by the nerve cells to the brain through optic nerve and thus impression of an image is made.

I'm providing figure for a rough understanding of how an image is formed. Note that this figure regards to image formed by a lens which you will learn in the higher classes only. This is just for reference.


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