With the help of the poem,please answer this question.
Read the extracts below and answer the question.
All this pain of a young boy,
My mother you transformed into pious strength,With kneeling and bowing five times.
A)Who is the young boy?
B)What pain is he talking about?
C)What was this pain transformed into?How did this transformation take place?
D)What do you understand by'kneeling and bowing five times'?

This question is from My Mother by APJ Abdul Kalam.

1. The young boy is the poet, he is describing his mother.
2. The pain he is talking about refers to the struggles and hard times he faced while walking miles to get an education, getting up early to collect and distribute newspapers to earn, and then doing business again in the evenings before his study time.
3. The pain of suffering was transformed into pious strength through their own hard work and the pure strength of their mother's faith in the Almighty.
4. 'Kneeling and bowing five times' refers to the ritual of offering prayers five times a day that is followed in Islam. they kneel and bow as they pray.  

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