Word meaning in english

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The meaning of the above words are-
1) Away- to or at a distance from a particular place, person, or thing.
2) Few- a small number of
3) They- used to refer to people
4) Cannot sleep them through- can't spend the whole night sleeping
5) Harness- an arrangement of straps for fastening something
6) Swift- happening quickly
7) Reindeer- a deer of the sub-arctic region
8) Sledges- a vehicle on runners for conveying loads or passengers over snow or ice
9) Bear's cub- a child of bear
10) Funny- causing laughter or amusement
11) Furry clothes- the clothes made of animal skin
12) Curious- eager to know or learn something
13) Tale- a story
14) Preaching- the giving of moral advice in a pompously self-righteous way
15) Baking- to cook in an oven
16) Faint- feeble
17) Fasting- to abstain from food
18) Store- a place where things are kept for use
19) Seemed- give the impression of being something 
20) Knead- massage or squeeze with hands.
21) Scrap- a small piece or amount of something
22) Dough- used for baking into bread or pastry
23) Shelf- a flat length of wood or rigid material attached to a wall 
24) Provoke- stimulate
25) Duell- to stay
26) Scanty- in less amount
27) Boring- make a hole in something
28) Scarlet- brilliant red colour
29) This very day- till today


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