wordsworth is a poet nature how?

Wordsworth loved nature and it is evident in the poems he wrote. In almost all his poems, nature finds an expression. Even in the poem 'A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal', Wordsworth mentions nature though in a different manner. Here, he feels distressed because of the death of his beloved and thinks that now she is a part of nature. He knows that the passing of time will no longer affect her and she would no longer hear or see the earthly things. Besides, she would no longer make any movements. She would become one with the earth after she is laid in her grave and with the earth's daily movement along its axis, she would move. Like the stones, rocks and trees present on earth, she would become a part of the nature. Thus, it can be seen that Wordsworth had a strong affinity towards nature and so he can be rightly called the poet of nature.

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