Work out a dihybrid cross between homozygous tall pea plant bearing round seed and dwarf pea plant with wrinkled seed for 2 generation. Also use the punnet square box method.

Dihybrid cross

Parents- Tall pea plant bearing round seed- TTRR & dwarf pea plant with wrinkled seed- ttrr

 TTRR  x  ttrr

Gametes- TR & tr

 F1 generation- TtRr

The F1 generation produced is self crossed, as shown below- 

 Gametes TR Tr tR tr
 TRTTRR (tall & round) TTRr(Tall & round) TtRR(Tall & Round) TtRr(Tall & Round)
 TrTTRr(Tall & Round) TTrr(Tall & wrinkled)TtRr(Tall & Round)Ttrr(Tall & wrinkled)
 tRTtRR(Tall & Round) TtRr(Tall & Round)ttRR( Dwarf& round)ttRr( Dwarf& round)
 trTtRr (Tall & Round) Ttrr(Tall & wrinkled) ttRr( Dwarf& round) ttrr(Dwarf & wrinkled)

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