Workers are always unwilling to any kind of new work in xyz ltd. Due to rise in demand, the firm wants them to cooperate to achieve an order. Pending orders statev which element of directing suitable in this case. Explain its importance

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Answer to your question is in the given link, Question no. 4.

Importance of Motivation are:
1. Motivation helps in changing the negative attitude to positive attitude. As it helps in inspiring people and shows the positive side to perform any particular task.
2. Motivation improves performance level of the employees. When supervisor tells  workers the benefits of doing the  task or show them the bonus level that they will receive if they  performed well.So it will helps in improving the performance level of the workers.
3. Motivation helps in reducing the turnover. When employees get motivated and getting the rewards for performing well , so it will ultimately help in reducing the turnover of employees.


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