wrire the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after in the space provided.

if anyone asks Us,Who built the
Taj Mahal?"our response be (a)_____
Shah Jahan. This is we (b)_____
have repeatdly told by history (c)_____
books that Shah Jahan the builder(d)____
of the Taj,just Akber built Fatehpur(e)___
Sikri.Bunty,surely,we all known
that the actual building had be(f)_____
done masons and stone cutters and(g)__
so on. History books do.mention of(h)____
course,but only in passing.

a) response would be
b) is what we
c) have been repeatedly
d) Jahan was the
e) just like Akbar
g) done by masons
h) mention this of 

I am not sure about (f) as he sentence there is already kind of incorrect. 
I guess the sentence should have been "But, surely, we all know that the actual building had been"
Anyways, I could be wrong too :D
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