Write 10 lines on the usefulness of microorganisms in our lives

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Uses of Microorganisms in our lives:
  • They are used for making curd, cheese etc. A bacterium Lactobacillus, promotes the formation of curd.
  • Bacteria makes the meat softer by removing the tough muscles of it
  • Symbiotic bacteria present in the root nodules of the leguminous plants convert the atmospheric nitrogen into useful nitrogen compounds. 
  • Bacteria helps in the decomposing of the dead remains of plants and animals.
  • Yeast is used for making the bakery products like bread, cakes, muffins,etc and food items like idli, dosa,dhokla,etc.
  • Yeast is added to molasses (a waste from sugar industry) to make ethyl alcohol.
  • Algae is used as an organic food for the aquatic animals.
  • Algae is even used as fertilizers because of their ability to fix atmospheric O2.
  • Agar-Agar which is obtained from red algae is used for making jellies and cosmetics.
  • Some unicellular protozoans like zooplanktaon act as link in the food chain in the aquatic animals.
  • Certain microbes are also used in the biological treatment of sewage and industrial effluents.
  • Microbes also play an important role in the preparation of medicines. Antibiotics are chemicals produced by micro-organisms to kill bacteria. Streptomycin, for example, is an antibiotic.
  • They are used to increase the soil fertility by fixing the atmospheric nitrogen with the help of bacterium Rhizobium and some other blue-green algae.
  • Microbes are used to reduce pollution. For example, decomposers such as bacteria and fungi break down dead bodies and excreta to form inorganic compounds, which can be absorbed by plants.


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