write 3 differences between reflection and refraction


When light falls on a surface, the direction of the ray is changed. This change in direction is known as reflection of light. The reflected light travels to the same medium it came from.


The phenomenon of bending of light from its straight line path as it passes obliquely from one transparent medium to another is called refraction of light. It occurs because the speed of light is different in different media.


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- the process of sending back the light rays which fall on the surface of an object ,is called reflection of light

- laws of reflection-
(1)the incident ray,the reflected ray,and the normal,all lie in the same plane.
(2)the angle of reflection is always aqual to the angle of incidence.

- the change in direction of light or bending of light,when it passes from one medium to another it is called refraction of light.

- laws of refraction-
(1)the incident ray , the refracted ray and the normal,all lie at the same point.
(2)the ratio of the sign of the angle of incidence to the sign of angle of refraction is a constant for a given pair of media.
sin i/sin r=a constant

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1. The phenomenon of a light beam rebounding after hitting a surface is called reflection while the bouncing back of light from its normal path is termed refraction. 2. The angle of incidence and angle of reflection are the same in the case of reflection. These angles are not the same in refraction. 3. Reflection is found in mirrors while lenses use refraction. 4. In reflection, the light returns to the same medium while in refraction, the light travels from one medium to another medium.
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REFLECTION: When light falling on a surface retraces back into the same medium , it is said to be reflected. REFRACTION: the phenomenon of deviation of light rays from their original path while passing from one medium to another due to change of speed of light in other medium is called refraction.
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Difference between Reflection and Refraction
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Reflection: 1. Bouncing back of light 2. It takes place on polished surfaces(mirror) Refraction: 1.bending of light when passed through different mediums 2. It takes place on lenses
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