Write 5 diseases caused by::1.Viruses 2.Bacteria 3.Protozoa 4. Parasites

Dear student Five diseases caused by a).viruses are 1) hepatitis. 2).herpes and cold sores. 3).polio. 4).rabies. 5).Ebola and Hanta fever. Five diseases caused by b).bacteria are 1).Cholera. 2).Leprosy. 3).Tuberculosis. 4).Plague. 5).Syphilis. Five diseases caused by c).protozoa are 1).African trypanosomiasis 2). Chagas disease 3). Leishmaniasis 4).. Toxoplasmosis 5).. Cryptosporidiosis Five diseases caused by d).parasites are 1).amebic dysentery 2).avian malaria 3).babesiosis 4) balantidiosis 5).blackwater fever. Regards

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virus: aids, common cold
bacteria: typhoid, cholera
protozoa : malaria, kala azar

not sure for parasites
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