Write 5 points - 100 words each on how to improve concentration.(Please give me the answer, not points or creative stuff)(and please keep a count on the no. of words)

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Here are some hints - 

How to study:
- Break down your study material and study a little bit at a time. The human mind is much similar to a machine, or even a computer. Over working it does not deliver the required results. Begin by arranging your study material into small sections. For example, let us say that you have twenty five lessons to study; separate your study material into groups of five, with five lessons each. Study the first five lessons, take a break of ten to fifteen minutes and then move onto the next group of lessons. If need be, you can also take some smaller breaks between each lesson of five minutes only. By doing this you make sure that you don’t over work your brain and you have enough energy to concentrate throughout all the twenty five lessons.
Taking breaks:
- During your breaks, do not watch TV or play computer games. Playing games will distract you, and you will continue thinking about them even after you have finished your break. You may choose to play crosswords or puzzles. Even a simple activity like playing with a ball, playing with some clay or drawing stimulates and relaxes your mind. You may also consider meditation as this will cleanse the mind thoroughly.
Pay attention to the small details:
- Arrange your study material before you start and start by studying the easiest lessons first. This will save a lot of time. Underline important points and take short notes. This will help you remember key points.
Have you understood what you are studying?:
- The most important thing about any subject is to understand the story or the concept. Once you do this, you will find concentrating on the subject to be an easy task. Always have a dictionary with you, for any subject that uses English as a medium.  Go through the chapters at least twice and try to write the answers in your own words. Writing down key points will help you concentrate better and will boost memory as well. Most importantly, don't be shy to ask doubts as your teacher will be more than willing to help. You may also choose to ask your friends or you can even use the Internet for help.
Stay away from the distractions:
- When at home, find a place that will not distract you and start studying. For example, if someone is listening to loud music or watching TV, don't sit there and study. Find the quietest spot to study in. If you have spare time and are trying to study at school, then ask your teacher if you can go sit in the library and study. Otherwise, find an empty room or such in which you can study. If this is not allowed, take ear plugs to class, and try to study then. If this is not something you want to do, do your homework in this given free time so that you can come home and focus on studying instead.


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