write 5 sentences using a and 5 usind an

The sentences using 'a' are as follows:

1. A boy was standing under the tree.

2. There is a pen stand on the study table.

3. My pet is sitting under a table.

4. A teacher is teaching in the class.

5. Children were watching a movie.

The sentences using 'an' are as follows:

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

2. I was an hour late for the class.

3. We went to see an elephant in the zoo.

4. She asked an important question in the class.

5. Karan is an honest employee of our company.

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  • using a 
  • I am a girl .
  • rama has a phone in her hand  .
  • ram is playing with a football.
  • the  child likes to have a banana .
  • she is a superstar
  • using  an
  • she is holding an umbrella.
  • ram is studying an interesting book
  • i saw an elephant in the zoo
  • ritu is an engineer
  • she passed from here an hour ago
  • her brother is an artist
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