write 5 types of nouns?

We have different types of nouns in English.

They are:
Common nouns and Proper nouns
Countable nouns and Uncountable (or mass) nouns
Collective nouns
Concrete nouns and Abstract nouns
Compound nouns
Predicate nouns

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 five types of noun are:

vyaktivachak sangya

jativachak sangya

bhav vachak sangya

samhu vachak sangya

dravya vachak sangya

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proper, common, collective, conpound and abstract
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        Common noun.
  • Proper noun
  • Concrete noun
  • Abstract noun
  • Collective nouns
  • Count and mass nouns
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proper , common , collective , abstract , material
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Proper Noun.
Common Noun.
Abstract Noun.
Collective Noun.
Compound Noun.
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Common Noun, Proper Noun,Abstract Noun, Material Noun ,Collective Noun and possessive Noun??
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