Write 75 verb-forms and 50 degrees of adjectives...
Frns if u dont want to write 75 or 50..pls give me 2-3 examples !! plss ans. mah ques.

 he is tall ,he is very lazy

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  50 degrees of adjectives

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 he is tall ,he is very lazy

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    100 forms of verb
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    5th class English Telugu only English medium school government school school
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    So sorry
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    The bird visited all the public
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    Degrees of adjective

    Positive Comparative Superlative

    Old Older Oldest
    Cold Colder Coldest
    Beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
    Sharp Sharper Sharpest
    Short Shorter Shortest
    Slow Slower Slowest
    Small Smaller Smallest
    Strange Stranger Strangest
    Tall Taller Tallest
    Weak Weaker Weakest
    Wise Wiser Wisest
    Young Younger Youngest
    Big Bigger Biggest
    Bright Brighter Brightest
    Clean Cleaner Cleanest
    Clever Cleverer Cleverest
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    Pollution write the paragraph
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