Write a brief note on Poultry Farming.

Poultry farming

Poultry farming involves large-scale rearing of poultry birds. Poultry farming is undertaken to meet an increased demand of eggs and chicken. It deals with the management of domestic fowl in order to improve the quality andproductivity of egg and chicken.

Improvement in poultry variety is achieved through the process of hybridization or cross breeding. Hybridization between an Indian breed like Aseel and a foreign breed like Leghorn has been done to bring about desirable traits in the improved variety.

Some beneficial varieties are:

  • Quality and size of eggs

  • Low maintenance breeds

  • High resistance to diseases

  • Tolerance to high temperature

  • Quality and quantity of chicks

  • Ability to utilize cheaper diets produced from agricultural wastes

  • Dwarf boilers for egg production( so that they consume lesser nutrition for body growth)

Poultry birds are bred for eggs and meat

Broilers are reared for meat. They are fed with protein and vitamin-rich supplements (mainly vitamin A and vitamin K), with adequate amounts of fat. This helps in maintaining their feather and carcass quality. It also reduces mortality rate. Nutritional requirements are different for egg and meat production. Food supplemented with respective nutritional needs is provided. Housing of the two types also varies.

For good production of poultry, proper management techniques should be followed. Regular cleaning of the farm is of utmost importance. Maintenance of temperature is also required.


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