write a brief note on south west monsoon and its influence on climate of india.

  1. During winter, cold dry winds blow from high pressure area in the north of the Himalayas to the low pressure areas over the oceans to the south.
  2. In summer, a low pressure area develops over interior Asia as well as over north-western India. This causes a complete reversal of the direction of winds during summer.
  3. Air moves from the high pressure area over the southern Indian Ocean, crosses the equator to the low pressure areas over the Indian subcontinent. These are known as the Southwest Monsoon winds.
  4. These winds blow over the warm oceans, gather moisture and bring extensive rainfall over the mainland of India. This rainfall is one of the essential sources of agriculture in India.
  5. The climate of India is strongly affected by monsoon winds. The Arabs who had come to India as traders named this seasonal reversal of the wind system ‘monsoon’.
  6. The monsoon type of climate is characterised by a distinct seasonal pattern. Four main seasons can be identified in India with some regional variations.
  • The cold weather season
  • The hot weather season
  • The advancing monsoon
  • The retreating monsoon

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These are the winds which blow from the southern oceans and which cross the equator and enter our country. These winds blow over the warm oceans and when entering India carry a lot of moisture. Now when these winds come with lot of moisture they get denser with the moisture and flow out. This influences our climate by giving monsoon which is a source for agriculture in india.

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