write a character sketch of mr lamb and derry

Mr Lamb is a lonely old man with a huge house and a garden. He always looks at the positive aspect of life and thinks beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. He tries to overcome his loneliness by sitting in the sun, reading books and making jelly out of crab apples. He doesn't have curtains as he doesnt like shutting the light or the darkness and keeps the windows open to hear the sound of wind. People call him lamey-lamb but it doesn't bother him and stop him from making friends. 

Derry was a young boy of fourteen with a half burnt face. This deformity made him cynical towards life and wallow in his shell of negativity. He was very insecure about his looks as he suffered rude remarks and ridicules on his scar. He believed that people either feel sorry for him and are afraid or they think he is ugly as a devil. Eventually, Mr. Lamb transforms his attitude towards life and makes him think about the opportunities that life offers and to break free from his seclusion. 

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