write a character sketch of Mrs. Van Daan

Mrs van Daan was an interfering busybody,extremely selfish,coquettish,quarrelsome and unmindful of people's feelings around her. But she was also quite hardworking and had the ability to cheer up people by the sheer force of her personality. She takes an undue amount of interest in other people's children but neglects her own son and does not even make an attempt to understand or help him out. Mrs van Daan has a bittersweet relationship with hr husband involving noisy fights and then making up in public to the disgust of those around them. She is a full-grown woman who refuses to behave with maturity,instead chooses to display herself as a frivolous young girl.

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Mrs van Daan was a supeficial and flirtatious, as described by Anne! In first half of the diary she is seen flirting with Otto M. Frank but in later half it was done on Mr Dissel. Anne didn't like her very much and said she was ever complaing. She quite too often scolded Anne for her behaviour that Anne felt wasn't bad at all. She didn't shared a good realtionship with member fellow of the annexe.To conclude Mrs van Dan was rude, complaining , sulked at every point and never left a chance to put down Anne

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