Write a conversation of about 30 dialgoes between a king ad his beloved wife ( the conversation should be a fight )

King   -What type of a wife are you!
Queen- As if you are the best husband!
King   - Can't you sew this coat properly for me ?
Queen- It's not that i am an expert in sewing.
King  - All right, can't you cook properly?
Queen- There is something wrong with your taste buds though. I think you have got a cold.
King   - Can't you take participation in the administration matters than sleeping all day?
Queen- If I come, you always shoo me from the court asking me to do this or that!
King   - Oh my, I think I have to send you back to your parents and ask them to teach, you a thing or two!
Queen-  Stop blabbering now. Can't you take me out for a vacation or trip?
King- I don't have time for that.
Queen- Can't you allow me to do some shopping on my own?
King- Er.. that...I can't allow you because without me who knows what will happen to you?
Queen- Sweet thought. But that won't win me over! Can't you let me go out incognito and do some shopping? Please.....Let some maids or guards accompany me. Pls!!!
King- Dear, I can't let you do that. It's very risky you know...
Queen- Oh stop worrying. You know You haven't let me spent even a paisa on anything. Miser!!!
King- Oho! So who bought you that gown. Your maids?
Queen- Ummmm.....errr...
King- Who bought you your crown and jewels? Some one else?
King- Who made you fat by ordering the world's best chefs and asking them to prepare exquisite food for you?
Queen- grrrrr...Stop it!!!
King- Uh! Who are you to do so???
Queen- I am your most beloved wife!!! I can't bear this! I am going away!! Sob (pretends to cry)
King- Humph!!! Serves you right! Good bye!
Queen- I am leaving! Good bye!
King- Oh I am sorry!! Please stay !!! I will not fight! Please be a good wife won't you?
Queen- All right!
King- Thank you lovely one!
Queen- I am sorry for putting a fight anyway. Come let's call it a day .
King- All right.

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