Write a dairy entry about how you spend 1 day of holiday

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13th September, Friday 8 pm

Today I am going to write about my exciting visit to Shimla during the summer vacation. This time, my parents decided to visit Shimla during the summer vacation. We reached Kalka by bus. Then we took the toy train from Kalka to Shimla. It was a 7-hour railway journey which proved very thrilling. It crossed hundreds of long and short tunnels. It ran in a zig-zag manner giving me opportunities to enjoy the virgin beauty of the hills. I saw different trees and vegetation. I was very delighted, when we reached Shimls in the afternoon.

I found Shimla a lovely tourist destination. We took some rest in the hotel and went to the Mall. The Mall is the nerve line of Shimla. It has some old buildings, like the church of colonial India. There were many tourists in Shimla. I enjoyed our stay in Shimla thoroughly because of its pleasant weather and natural beauty. I would like to go there again.

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Today's day is awesome for me today my summer holiday first in the morning I gone to park with my friend then I came and watched television then I saw some movies on YouTube with connected on computer I love too dance .dance is my passion then I dance for some hrs today I didn't study today's day is very special for me .
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