write a debate in 150 - 200 words either for or against the motion: 'capital punishment should be abolished'.Give some points to help me.

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The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However, here are a few useful hints. 
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- Capital punishment is never a good form of punishment. 
- Capital punishment is wrong because nobody has the right to take the life of a person, not even a government institution. 
- Mahatma Gandhi himself once said,  "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind"
- Moreover this is completely hypocritical when we consider the fact that we, as a nation, pride ourselves in "ahimsa" and yet capital punishment is not banned in our country. 
- Several countries around the world have banned capital punishment and India should follow this example as we are human beings, not barbaric animals. 
- Life imprisonment gives the convict a chance to improve. 
- Even if he/she doesn't improve, the public are still safe from him/her as long as they are in jail. 
- If we truly believe that a convict must suffer, then capital punishment is not the answer as it only shortens this suffering. 
- We must ask ourselves, what kind of an example are we setting to our children and our youth by openly allowing violence to exist, under the name of "justice".


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