Write a debate on the National food security bill in 2013. Was it a success or failure?

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a. The National food security act, of 2013, has been the landmark legislation which aims at providing food grains at subsidised rates , to targeted beneficiaries under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS), which covers roughly about 75% of rural population and 50% of urban population
b. The act aims at providing food grains at affordable prices to all, to ensure good quantity and quality of food is accessible and is available to all
c. The acts certainly identified availability of good quality food as an essential requirement to lead a dignified life
d. The act included Mid day meal services, Public distribution system, Integrated child development Services
e. The act also aims at fulfilling the nutritional requirement of children and women
f. It also focuses on pregnant women and lactating women receiving maternity benefits
g. The act also provided for a redressal mechanism to ensure effective implementation and transparency in the system
h. The national food security act does not really address the root and the main problem of food insecurity which is poverty.
i. The act does not seem to provide long term solutions and ways of countering poverty.
j. Further the act is only a redistributive measure but is silent on real issues of countering hunger and poverty,


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