Write a debate on the topic numbers are essential for learning other subject ,write both flvour as well as against

Dear student 

The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. However here are a few useful hints. 

For - 
- Numbers are essential as they are the building blocks of knowledge. 
- Even before the spoken word or the advent of science, we first learnt how to count. 
- Numbers help you in learning dates and therefore important events. 
- Science and mathematics itself cannot exist without numbers as they are essential for all mathematical and scientific calculations. 
- Thus studies without numbers would leave us with a huge gap in our education. 

Against - 
- Numbers are unnecessary in most subjects. 
- Learning dates is unnecessary as we get nothing out of it. We should focus more on learning information, not facts. 
- Whilst numbers are important in science and mathematics, these can be studied through videos instead to make the subjects interesting.
- Everything in the world is not governed by numbers and by depending on them so much, we are sacrificing our creativity 
- Students must have the choice and must be allowed to study whatever they want to study. 


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include these points:
what r numbers
who discovered it
use in math 
helpful in calculation
other uses
life without numbers
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