Write a dialogue between the old lady and the saint Peter.

Saint Peter: I have been fasting for the whole day and so I am very hungry. Lady can you please give me a cake?
Old lady: The cakes that I am baking are too large and not good for you. So please wait till I bake another one for you.
Saint Peter : I am very hungry. Are you done with the cake?
Old Lady: No, all the cakes I bake seem to be too big.
Saint Peter : (angrily) You are far too selfish to dwell in a human form, to have both food and shelter, and fire to keep you warm. Now, you shall build as the birds do, And shall get your scanty food  by digging, and digging, and digging, all day in the hard dry wood.
Old lady: No, don’t do that. I am sorry, I will give you as many cakes as you want.
Saint Peter: Fly away, birdie.

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