Write a diary entry for 5 days during the summer holidays.

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  • Our trip this summer was to Kerala which is known for its coastal climate.
  • We wanted to stay away from the burning heat of Delhi.
  • On the first day, we went to Wayanad, which is known for its scenic beauty.
  • The warm, cosy climate was an assurance to the choice of our place.
  • The second day we explored the forests and wildlife of Wayanad.
  • On the third day, we travelled to Munnar which was cool and pleasant.
  • From there, on the fourth day we went to Vagamon which showcased nature's blessings to us.
  • Finally, on the fifth day, we travelled to Trivandrum. We spend the day at Kovalam beach before we boarded the flight to Delhi.
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we went to usa during our summer vacation.we enjoyed a lot there
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hey what kind of diary entry is this.
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