Write a diary entry in about 100-150 words about the teachers day celebrated in your school.

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- Today, we celebrated the Teacher's Day at our school.

- The teachers were welcomed with bouquets of flowers at the entrance of the school.

- The students conducted a special assembly in their honour.

- The programmes presented included songs, dances and skits.

- Many students read out touching pieces about how teachers had made a big difference in their lives and helped them grow into better individuals.

- The students of class XII took classes for the juniors and the teachers enjoyed themselves by watching movies and playing games in the audio-visual room.

- The school management gave away gifts to the teachers and commended them for their efforts.

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plz answer sooner................
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teachers day is celebrated in my school in a most fantastic manner. we the students selected a teacher in the previous day and we did the work of them. i selected my chemistry mam i took classes for students on the whole day and the main thing is she is a student in that day. its really exciting. i will never forget this day in my life.
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5 September, 2015

I must admit that our school had the best celebration on this auspicious day. Ofcourse, The teachers are the special ones on this day. We students showcased a wonderful performances to our dearest teachers.
Firstly the dramatics club imitated each teacher, which was very hilarious. Then some juniors performed dance and sang songs for their teachers. Each and every student made cards showing their love for their teacher.
We also organized some sports events for the teacher to know their hidden talent other than teaching. Lemon And Spoon race, Tug Of War And other exciting games were put up by the students.
By the end of the day, The Student Council Committe Made A Huge cake for all the teachers, And the teachers were amazed.
Wow! It was a wonderful day. Literally the best day. Can't wait for next year


Hope It is helpful :")

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5 september, 2015 Saturday. 9:30pm Dear diary, Today was the most fabulous day in my life. Last night i told u that we r going to present a saree and a watch to my class teacher. But i didn't tell u about the activity given to her today. I and the whole class prepared a activity fr hr in which she had to go to each and everyone in the class and read out a tamil dialogue given to hr in a sheet of paper (tamil words were written in english). As she was a gugrati, she was nt familiar with those dialogues but she enjoyed a lot in doing that. I think, today our class teacher was the happiest lady in the world which was shown by hr tears ar tge end of the day. vithya
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