write a diary entry on"Frightening encounter with a tiger in the forest and how you had a narrow escape ".

Monday, 27 February, 20xx.

9 PM

Dear Diary,

Recently my family and I went to the Ranthambore national Park to enjoy seeing the animals in the wildlife sanctuary.

The highlight of the trip was when our guide took us next to a stream and we saw a tiger lapping up the water thirstily. t was a magnificent creature. Suddenly, it looked up and glared at us for disturbing his peace. He growled and charged at us. The guide quickly reversed the jeep. In the sudden movement of the jeep, I was thrown out of my seat and onto the ground. The tiger was next to me in the wink of an eye. I could feel its breath on my face as I shut my eyes in fear. I was trembling when I heard the loud crack of a gun and felt teh tiger running away. Thankfully, the guide was carrying a gun and had used it to frighten away the tiger. My life was saved, but I have never been more petrified.


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