Write a diary entry on the given topic - You have been pulled by the principal of your school for showing an arrogant ayttitude towards your teacher . You are upset .

Monday, 25 July 20xx

9 PM

Dear Diary,

Today, I learnt an important lesson in humility.

I had not been keeping my work upto date for the last month, I had also become casual about attendance and the turnout of my uniform. Expectedly, the class teacher scolded me. Feeling embarrassed for being pulled up in front of my friends, I answered back rudely and behaved as if her scolding did not bother me.

Sure enough, the Principal called me to his office! He said that he was disappointed by my conduct and arrogance. He explained to me that the teacher would gain nothing if I was regular in my studies or in attending school. I would benefit from these good habits! He made me understand the teacher's concern for me and my uncalled for, shabby behaviour towards her. I felt so ashamed of myself that I started crying. Immediately, I apologised to the Principal and the teacher. I promised them that I would never be rude and impolite to elders, and I would display good conduct.

I hope I can keep up my promise!



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