write a few words on the output structure of the indian economy at the time of independence ?

India at the time of independence was an unplanned country. The after effects of British were being felt at that time. In my opinion, what British did was business but used India as their office. The “drain” of resources and raw material out from India and import of finished goods back into the country almost destroyed the economic growth. Most studies did find that the country’s growth of aggregate real output during the first half of the twentieth century was less than two per cent coupled with a meager half per cent growth in per capita output per year.

Agriculture being the most favorable business in India was stagnant due to production of some specific crops to fulfill business needs of the colonizers. Industry was in a dip due to outflow of raw material and heavy imports. There were some technological advancements like Railways but it only added to the quick transport of finished goods inside and raw material outside the country.

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the condition was worse. britishers exploited our economy.

unemployment was common among indian.

deindustrialisation took place.

relationships with some of the neighbouring countries weakend.

commercialiasation of agriculture.

at the same time ,there was introduction of railways and postal services.

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