write a formal letter suggesting ways to improve spoken english in your school.

The Principal
XYZ Public School
New Delhi.

18 January 2014

Subject: Suggestions to improve spoken English in school.

Sir/ Ma'am
This is to bring to your kind notice that I am a student of class-VII of your school. I have noticed that the students of our school don't speak in English these days. They are not confident enough to speak the language and I would like to suggest you some ways to improve the same.
The students must be encouraged to read more and more. Newspaper activities must be taken up in the class to facilitate the same. The teachers should also make sure that they are not scolding or humiliating a child if he/she is unable to speak proper English, rather, they should aim at correcting their mistakes. They should encourage them to converse in English even if they can't and should correct them if they go wrong. The efforts of the students must be appreciated and applauded to boost up their morale and confidence.
I am sure that the spoken English of the students will improve if the afore-mentioned points are followed. Let us all make an effort to cope up with this problem.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely
(VII - B)

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