write  a  formal   letter   to  times  of  india   telling   students  are   busy   in  watching  T.V

Times of India
New Delhi

October 1, 2013

Block A, XYZ Lane
New Delhi

Subject: Changing lifestyle of students.

Dear Sir,
This letter is subjected to the changing behaviour and lifestyle of the students of my age and others. Nowadays, usage of computers, mobiles and televisions has increased drastically due to which students are falling into a laid back routine. They are also getting dependent upon technology for their day to day activities and have lost interest in developing their own hobbies. 
The growing use of television has specifically given birth to a lot of health problems in children, the most common being the weakening of their eyes in younger ages and obesity, that is caused by the lethargic attitude that a student develops while watching television all day long. 
This has also affected their study routines and academic performances and the overall personality of the students has become dull. No recreation is an extremely bad habit.
Therefore, I would like to bring this to your kind notice and expect a positive action in response by publishing an article about the same in your esteemed newspaper.

Yours sincerely

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