1. Write a letter from a boy to his mother, telling her that he dislikes his life as a boarder.Write a reply to the above letter.

St. Thomas’s                                                                                                                                 Mumbai                                                                                                                                 8th July 2012                                                                                             Dearest Mom    I was so glad to get your letter yesterday. Thank you so much! I read it just after morning school; but it made me feel very homesick. It seems years since I left home though it is really only about a month. It seems ages to the Christmas holidays, when I shall be able to come home. It was much nicer when I was at the day-school, and came home every afternoon.    I do hate being a boarder. I am in a big dormitory, with about twenty other boys. Some of them are all right; but the bigger boys are always playing nasty jokes on us smaller ones; and we daren’t say anything, or we should get a most awful licking. The master comes round to see all lights out, but all the larking goes on after he has gone; so he knows nothing about it. I don’t like the masters. They simply make you work all day, and cane you for every fault. Most of the boys are horrid; but I like two or three.    Please ask Dad to put me into a day-school again. I should be much happier there.   With love Yours loving Ron The mother's reply

My dear Ron,
    Thank you for your letter. But I am sorry you are so unhappy at St.Thomas's. I don't wonder you feel rather home-sick, for it is the first time you  have been away from home; and I, too, often want you home again, my child. But, you know, we can't always have what we want in life. If I were selfish I would keep you always at home, for I don't like any of my children to be away; but then how would you ever get your education, and grow up to be a man able to manage your own life? Your father thinks that a few years at a boarding school is necessary for all boys, to make men of them; and he knows best.

  So, my dear boy, you must be brave and stick to your school. I am sure you will soon get to like it, as other boys do. Don't mind the jokes boys play on you, and if you do, don't let them know you do. when they see you don't mind,they will soon get rid of teasing you. So cheer up! and be a brave laddie.

With much love,
From your loving

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