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Dear Student,

366, Vasant Enclave
Patiala, Punjab

4th September 2018

The Manager
Divya Telecom
Naya Bazar, Patiala

Sub:- Handset not working properly.
Two months ago I bought a Jio Phone for my grandmother from your shop. But now after two months use only the handset is not working properly. The screen freezes or sometimes it automatically switches off. The battery standby has also decreased and there are few other glinches. Since the phone is still under warranty I request you to either fix the phone or replace it with a new one. To prove that the phone is still under warranty, provide by law, I have sent attached to this letter a copy of the receipt.
I know that you understand my position and hope you handle this situation with care. I will be waiting for an answer from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

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