Write a letter the police inspector requesting. him to provide a police protaction as there are countinues theft in yourbcolonies by burglers.

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- I am a resident of PQR colony in South Delhi.
- For the past few months, there have a been a spate of robberies in our locality.
- Most of them are daring daylight thefts, either when the owner has been away for a short while or even when the owners are home.
- The thieves have targeted defenceless people like elders or women.
- It seems to be a well planned and informed gang of thieves that are operating in the area.
- The police has been unsuccessful in nabbing the thieves and retrieving the valuables.
- The police needs to increase patrolling in the area and launch an urgent hunt to nab the thieves.
- They can help organise a squad of residents who keep a lookout for suspicious characters.

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The Officer-in-charge

cuttack police station



Re: Theft in our house-Report regarding.

I have to lodge a complaint about a petty theft that took place in our-house last night on the ground floor. No one stays on the ground floor. There are two rooms on the ground floor, in which we keep some articles which are rarely required for use, such as some utensils made of brass or stainless steel, some tools, some old furniture's etc. The thieves broke open the lock of one of the rooms, and robbed some of the utensils worth about two thousand rupees. We came to know about the theft in the morning that is today.

Please treat this note as an official complaint,, and record it in the F.I.R. You are requested to interrogate the local suspects and black-listed fellows to find out a clue to this theft, and take neces­sary legal action in this regard.

Please acknowledge receipt of this complaint, quoting the F.I.R. number with date assigned to it. Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

sai krishna nayak

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