Write a letter to editor about how to fight against dengu fever. You are abhinav a resident of 454/II/IV BHEL haridwar





18 October, 20xx.

The Editor, 

The Times of India, 

New Delhi-110018.


Subject: fighting the menace of Dengue fever

This is to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities the medical scare caused by the epidemic-like spread of Dengue fever in Haridwar.

The religious city of Haridwar is frequented by innumerable pilgrims and tourists throughout the year. The heavy rainfall, even in the month of September, has caused all water bodies to be full. unfortunately, this has also led to dirty water getting accumulated in pits, ponds and around residential areas. Mosquitoes have bred in large numbers and people have suffered from the outbreak of Dengue fever. It results in severe joint pain and, in extreme case, haemorrhaging. The government authorities are requested to clean up the accumulated, dirty water to avoid breeding of mosquitoes. Awareness among people needs to be increased through advertisements in newspapers and on television, so they do not delay treatment. Proper medical care needs to be provided.

I hope that the concerned authorities will take appropriate action to control the situation.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,



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