Write a letter to editor on traffic jam to navbharat times and this letter should be involved 2 , 3 lines on suggestions

Dear Student,

Kindly find your answer below.

The Editor
Navbharat Times

Subject : Problem of traffic jam


I am writing to express my anguish on poor conditions of the roads in our city. Due to numerous potholes, accidents are commonplace on the roads of our city. Many roads are constantly being repaired. However, despite the repair, the conditions of roads do not seem to improve.It appears the road contractors do not use quality materials for repairing the roads of our city. It means that only a few roads are in a condition to travel. This is causing huge traffic jams in our city. 

I request you to highlight the problem through your daily so that the administration is forced to act against the road contractors. 

Looking forward to a favourable response by highlighting the same in your newspaper. 

Thanking you 
Yours Truly


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