write a letter to grandma wishing her on 70th bday and you are sorry that you cant attend her bday

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- Please accept ,my heartfelt wishes on your seventieth birthday, grandma!
- You know that you are my favourite person in the whole wide world and I wish I could be with you to celebrate this special day.
- But, my half yearly exams are round the corner and I am busy preparing for them.
- We will celebrate your birthday after my exams are over.
- Meanwhile, enjoy the day at ABC spa that mom, dad and I have booked for you as your gift!
- Looking forward to meeting you soon and eating your special chocolate cake.

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dear grandma(name)
how are you?it's been many days since i met you. how's grandpa.happy 70 birthday grandma. warm greetings to you.
sorry i can't attend your birthday party.i've exams coming soon. so i can't attend but next time i will surely come.
some gifts you will bring for her next time. the fun you will do with her.....
from your (name)
hope its helpful
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It should be tried on your own.
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