Write a letter to M/S Sports Sports Company., Ambala, complaining about thedefective sports goods supplied to you. You are the sports secretary of your




23/45, Maninder Marg



November 1, 2014


M/S Sports Company,




Subject: Defective sports goods


This is to inform you that your company supplied defective sports equipment to our school on the last consignment that reached us on the Friday of this week. The cricket bats are chipping off, the footballs have frayed seams and the basketball nets have holes in them. Our principal is not at all pleased with the goods supplied and considering terminating your contract.

However, as the sports secretary, it is my duty to investigate the matter before taking any action. I invite you to give us an explanation as to why such sub-standard equipments were sent to us and request you to change them at the earliest.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours sincerely,


Sports Secretary,

ABC School


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