write a letter to the director of your city zoo expressing your concern about the death of some animals i the zoo due to the unhygenic conditions in the enclosures for the animals

123, Garden Road,

New Delhi

7th October, 2013

The Director

 Zoological Park,

New Delhi

Subject: Unfavorable conditions of animals in the zoo

Dear Sir,

I am a proud citizen of the great city of  New Delhi, and I love the zoological park (zoo) of our city. Since childhood I have been there several times.

However, during a recent visit, I felt very sad on witnessing the poor condition of the animals kept there. I found that most of the cages were dirty. Almost all of them had a foul smell. The containers in which water was provided to the animals were not being cleaned properly. I also felt that too many birds were put within small enclosure. This was making them clash with each other, especially while moving and flying. Some of them have also got wounded due to this.

Even the condition of the water animals did not seem good. The water in which stay looked very dirty. I had a talk with some people involved in the administration of zoo and come to know that some animals have also died due to these unhygienic conditions. 

I thereby request you to urgently look into the matter and take necessary actions.

Your Sincerely


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