Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper , supporting or opposing the view that pupils should be given midday meals in school...

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- Mid-day meals were started in schools to provide wholesome, nutritious food to students.

- It was especially aimed at students belonging to economically weaker backgrounds.

- Over time, it has been noted that the funds allocated for mid-day meals have been misappropriated.

- Many cases of food poisoning have been reported after consumption of mid-day meals.

- Poor quality food cooked in unhygienic surroundings is often served to young children.

- The purpose of these meals has been defeated by the people working in schools.

- Instead, it is better if the government encouraged distribution of packaged food- nuts, biscuits, fruit juices or fresh fruits.

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