Write a letter to the editor of Hindustan Times, expressing concern over the total disregard shown by the industries near the river as they discharge their effluents into the water. You are Nikhil/Neetu Anand, a resident of Geeta Colony


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The Editor
Hindustan Times
New Delhi - 110044

Dear Sir,

Subject: Disregard shown by industries discharging effluents into water bodies

I am a regular reader of your national daily and would like to express my views through the columns of your esteemed newspaper. Since the advent of the industrial revolution, there has been an unprecedented rise in the amount of pollution that is caused by effluents being dumped in water bodies. Taking into consideration the fact that only two percent of the total amount of the water present on this planet is in the form of fresh water supply; contaminating and polluting the rivers and other water bodies would mean depleting our sources and hence bringing on a water crisis. Apart from the shortage of usable water, industrial effluents if not properly treated can also be a cause of major diseases, and other health hazards.
Industries today exhibit a callous attitude towards effective management of industrial effluents, and if not taken care of the future of humanity will be a grim one, hence it is important that we must have stricter protocols and regulations to monitor this problem.


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