write a letter to the editor of "hindustan times " informing them about the pollution in kanpur .

B-32, Preet Vihar,
Kanpur -32

19 August, 2013

The Editor
Weekly Kanpur
Kanpur -40

Dear Sir

Subject: Urgent need to look into the matter of pollution in the city

This letter is to bring to special notice the growing tension of pollution in the city. The entire city looks like a garbage dump. There is no proper regulation which can handle the cleaning of garbage every morning from the entire city. Our city needs huge plantation for improvement of the condition of greenery in it. The smog in the morning harms people of all ages - children, aged people, everyone. Animals are let loose which increases the filth on roads. I hope this matter gains importance through a column in your newspaper.

I thank you in anticipation of obliging me for this initiative.

Yours truly,
Nishant Karn

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