write a letter to the editor of news paper on the topic " need for compulsory martial art training in schools ". in 120 words


Defence Colony,

New Delhi-110022.


21 May, 20xx.




Subject: Need for martial art training in schools


I am a regular reader of your newspaper and wish to utilise the columns of the esteemed daily to highlight the need of compulsory martial art training at school level.


In today's sedentary lifestyle, children prefer computer games and television over outdoor games. This, combined with consumption of junk food, has led to obesity and related diseases amongst school-going children. If martial art training is made compulsory in schools, it would ensure that children get the required amount of physical exercise. They would also learn self defence techniques that are required to protect themselves from criminals and thugs. This training is useful for girls in today's unsafe environment. Martial arts teach a sense of discipline and mental alertness that would help students in other areas as well.


I hope that the Education ministry and school authorities will introduce martial art training in schools at the earliest.


Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,


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