Write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper, suggesting ways of making public places in your city friendlier for differently abled people. You can include the following suggestion in your letter.

Installing lifts in buildings that are more than one storey high.

Ramps at all entry of the building

Availability of wheelchairs for people who cannot walk

Wheelchair access into building.

toilet facilities that take into account the problems faced by differently abled people.

pl ans .

Here is a sample for your reference:


B-32, Priya Colony

New Delhi


19 August 2013


The Editor

Weekly Delhi


New Delhi


Dear Sir,


Subject: Making Public Places Disable Friendly


This letter is to bring to special notice the need to make many of the public places more accessible for disabled people. Therefore, through the esteemed columns of your newspaper I would like to bring forth this issue to enlighten the public of our country.


People who are physically handicapped need to move around and some places are not at all suitable for them. They have to go for interviews, they have to shop, they have to see doctors, nothing is possible without suitable infrastructure. Lifts need to be installed at various places, slides instead of stairs are becoming an increasing necessity nowadays. The facility of wheelchair should be arranged in places like hospitals, railway stations, airports, etc. Different types of toilets should also be provided for them.


I hope this would be a step that would help us build a healthy and friendly society.



Preeti Karn

  • 17
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