Write a letter to the editor of the National Daily newspaper expressing your views about the presence of Jawans at Siachen.

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- I wish to utilise the columns of your esteemed daily to bring to the notice of the public the wonderful work being done by our defence forces posted at Siachen.
- The jawans take a pledge of 'Service before self' and live, breathe and act upon it!
- The conditions at Siachen glacier are extremely harsh: extreme cold and lack of oxygen at such a high altitude.
- The jawans rely on rations and supplies that have to be airlifted or taken on mule back.
- Homesickness and loneliness are perpetual companions of these jawans.
- Yet, they remain vigilant against any enemy attacks or infiltrations.
- They sacrifice so that the country and its citizens may be safe.
- The public needs to realise and acknowledge their dedication to duty.
- The government needs to provide extra benefits to the soldiers that cater to their welfare.

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