Write a letter to the editor of ‘The Times of India’ expressing your views against the insensitive use of loudspeakers.

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Yasundhara enclave ,new delhi
date -18/5/18
the editor
times of india
sub :-complain about nuisance created by loudspeaker.
respected sir ,
through the column of your esteemed daily I want to ventilate about the nuisance created by the using of loudspeakers through out the world.
the environment is being populated by so many ways .the noise pollution is also increasing day by day in the environmen.some people use loudspeaker .many people hear radio in very high pitch sound .some watch TV at full sound .the using of loudspeakers has become a nuisance to many people because they causes headache and problems related to ears .
people shouldn't use loudspeakers .the government should do something about this matter .

hope it helps
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hope it helps
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