Write a letter to the editor suggesting measures against the scarcity of water which resulted in the death of animals as well as a threat to humans.

Dear student,
It is an opinion based question and one must present their individual point of view for the
given statement. However, here is a sample of how an opinion with an appropriate
supporting argument should be written:

- Discuss about the shortage of water during the summer time in your locality and how it has been enhanced by the breaking of the municipal pipe.
- Give instances of death of street dogs and birds due to lack of drinking water. Also, the water does not come daily and comes every alternate day. In big families storage of water becomes a difficulty, moreover in a desperate situation like this the municipality has refused to send tankers to fill up the overhead tanks in houses and this has led to further problems. 
- Also, the lack of water has led to children falling ill because of dehydration. If the problem is not addressed immediately by the local authorities, the situation will worsen.
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