write a letter to the muncipal ward officer of your locality complaining of the stray dogs menance around your school

Lawrence Road,
New Delhi-110021. 
30 July 20xx
The Municipal Ward Officer, 
New Delhi-110018.
Subject: Need to relocate stray dogs
I wish to bring to the notice of the municipal corporation the danger posed by stray dogs around our school, Rainbow Public School, located on Lawrence Road.

The stray dogs create a mess on the roadsides by tearing the garbage bags kept for disposal. They bark continuously and cause disturbance. The stray dogs chase students and there have been cases when they have bitten and seriously injured children. It has become extremely difficult for us to step out of the school to board the buses in the fear of being chased by dogs. It is my sincere request that the dogs be relocated to shelters and kennels for the safety of the students as well as for better care for the dogs.

I hope that the concerned authorities will take appropriate steps to solve the problem of stray dogs around my school.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

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